CléMetric Announces Global Partnership with IBM to Provide Streaming Big Data Analytics for Healthcare

Gergens Polynice IBM Partnership

CléMetric, a provider of healthcare data analytics and visualization solutions, today announced a global partnership with IBM to provide streaming Big Data analytics for the healthcare industry.

The CléMetric AdaptiveStream Analytics software integrates with IBM InfoSphere Streams and BigInsight to bring researchers and healthcare providers closer to harness immeasurable analytical intelligence from high volume and extensive variety of physiological and operational data with the ultimate goal of attaining better care at lower cost. The joint CléMetric and IBM Big Data technologies contain enhanced features to analyze unstructured and structured content to offer customers the capability to transform their real-time and historical health data into dynamic decision support systems.

IBM and CléMetric will work together to market and sell the combined solution globally, with specific emphasis on the healthcare sector.  To accelerate deployments and to reduce development cost, a library of pre-packaged algorithms is available to address specific use case or functional requirements for customers.  These use cases span across a range of areas such as intensive care units (ICU), 30-day readmission, staffing, and scheduling analytics.

CléMetric works in collaboration with academic research institutions, such as Emory University Center for Critical Care and Northwestern University Lurie Children Hospital to develop the applications.