CléMetric Announces AdaptiveStreams Analytics Software

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CléMetric, a provider of healthcare data analytics and visualization solutions, today announced the release of AdaptiveStream Analytics software to deliver powerful insights to researchers in real-time and with high-speed processing of physiological data.

AdaptiveStream brings researchers and healthcare providers closer to deliver better care at lower cost by combining the power of stream computing and machine learning at bedside. Integrated with Excel Medical BedMaster through IBM InfoSphere Streams, the advanced CléMetric AdaptiveStream software also helps institutions and hospitals get started relatively quickly by reducing development time and costs with a set of out-of-the-box algorithms.

Whether it be the need to remotely monitor an intensive care unit of a few beds, or the need to efficiently provide care to a multi-unit hospital of a thousand beds, The CléMetric AdaptiveStream software can assist in predicting state. The key features of the application include:

  • Algorithmic computation engine
  • Real-time predictive analytics
  • Retrospective analytics
  • Mobile-ready and web-enabled visualization for remote monitoring
  • Single-patient multiple algorithms stream computing
  • Multi-patient comparative analytics

CléMetric receives collaboration from academic research centers, such as Emory University Center for Critical Care and Northwestern University Lurie Children Hospital.