CleMetric has the software platform to stream, converge, manage, and integrate patient health information from multiple sources into a single analytics and cognitive platform to support care providers and government agencies in obtaining valuable insights to improve care quality, safety, accessibility, and efficiency.

  • Near Real-Time Health Analytics

    Improve the clinician and patient care experience by combining disparate data streams to provide situational awareness to increase efficiency. Enable clinicians to monitor multiple patients and aggregating thousands of data points on a single screen that is responsive and accessible from web browsers, computers, tablets, and smartphones. Make patient safety visible with near real-time information and precision medicine.

  • Precision Medicine

    Harness patient data and institution data produced by Clinical Information System (CIS), Electronic Health Record (EHR), Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Admit Discharge Transfer (ADT), Picture Archive Communication (PACS), and patient medical device monitoring into an integrated-platform to provide situational awareness and to support Precision Medicine or interventions tailored to individuals or groups. Retrieve the insights hidden within these large volumes of data to discover more personalized treatments, more accurate diagnosis and more advanced preparative care.


CleMetric aggregates disparate data sources, structured and unstructured, for integrated analysis and search. The company’s software platform integrates claims, providers and beneficiary information, medical coding, drug codes, drug attributes, prescription transactions, and comparative data to analyze cost, identify errors and stratify risks.

  • Cost Efficiency & Transparency

    Track the most essential population-wide data points and provide insights related to health operations, programs, agencies, and goals. Investigate and analyze cost, quality, safely, access and utilization information to obtain valuable insights. Identify trends and patterns by agencies, programs, and geographic area. Share information with the public, lawmakers and researchers.

  • Population Health Quality & Outcomes

    Analyze big data to allocate health care resources more efficiently, target health care programs most effectively, and identify health disparities. Provide an effortless data sharing system that transcends organizational boundaries to foster research and collaboration. Since patient information is generated faster than most organizations can consume it, CleMetric helps unlock the power of such a large volume of data and make it available to clinicians, researchers and law-makers to discover ways to improve and better manage population health.

Understanding health trends. Improving outcomes.
Lowering cost of delivery.



CleMetric advanced analytics software is infused with cutting-edge, novel algorithms that can help government agencies solve some of the most difficult problems. We streamline the data integration process to create descriptive and predictive models based on large volumes of data.

  • Data Mining

    Provide robust data preparation. Use dynamic trends and charts to understand relationships between entities. Question your data and find intuitive and hidden answers. Build models that work in both batch and real-time environments and that are accurate and stable with easy-to-use and powerful interface.

  • Statistical Analysis

    Deliver elaborate statistics and mathematical tools to model both personal and organization data in order to assess and improve practices. With the application of quality-tested algorithms that are constantly updated and learning to reflect the latest statistical methodologies, we can help analyze the past, describe the present and predict the future.


The growing power of big data has captured the attention of technology companies and government agencies alike. CleMetric has the expertise to apply smart algorithms to vast amounts of well-modeled data to open new pathways for improving efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare programs delivery.

  • Master Data Management

    Create and manage large scale databases of healthcare data from various sources and of different type including structured and unstructured, electronic health records, physiologic monitor data, radiology imaging, pathology imaging, omics data, billing and claims data. Develop statistical analysis and web-based reports and visualizations, machine learning models, and evidence-based quality metrics.

  • Visual Discovery

    Deliver advanced health data analysis, graphics and reporting, along with intuitive data visualization and in-memory processing. Generate network-specific graphics for more effective interpretation and communication of results.

Discovering Healthy Insights from Medical Claims Data.



◈ Provide situational awareness with real-time data analytics
◈ Cognitive & Stream Computing
◈ Pre-built software platform & algorithms
◈ In-house clinicians, researchers & data scientists
◈ In-house capability to lead complex projects & manage enterprise systems
◈ Comprehensive & tailored data analytics services and supports


◈ Machine Learning, Deep Learning, & Artificial Intelligence
◈ Data structures, modeling, algorithm & asynchronous architectures
◈ Programming languages & tools: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, R, R-Studio, Python, HTML, PHP, CSS, Hadoop, REST/SOAP, Data Lake, Spark, Kafka, IBM Streams & WEX
◈ DB & OS: PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Linux, Windows
◈ In-Memory Analytics, Analytics dashboards & visual interface for large data access and users
◈ ETL: Real-Time and Batch processes
◈ Data Mining, Master Data Replication, Services & Synchronization
◈ Statistical & Predictive Analysis
◈ Data Access: Transactional Reporting, Operational Reporting, Analytical Reporting
◈ Data Integration & Patterns: EAI, Master Data Hub, Operational data store (ODS), Data Mart, Data Warehouse

Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) Certification

CleMetric has been certified as a Participant in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 8(a) Business Development Program.

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