InBusiness Magazine Features CleMetric and CEO Gergens Polynice in Health Technology Article

Gergens Polynice Analytics Software, Deep Learning, Health Data Analytics, Machine Learning

Madison, Jan 25, 2018 — InBusiness Magazine gave a huge shout out this week to CleMetric — and our CEO, Gergens Polynice, Ph.D. — for tech leadership, innovation and for offering a unique technology for retrieving insights from big and small data. CleMetric to retrieve approach to health through technology. CleMetric was featured as a rising star for AI and Machine Learning poised to provide value to businesses and government agencies through data.

Jane Wilson of InBusiness Magazine did a full-length interview with Dr. Polynice, the Co-Founders of CleMetric, to learn about how healthcare organizations, government agencies, and businesses can take advantage of real-time data to attain situational awareness which leads to improvement and cost-effectiveness.

Read the InBusiness full article here.
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