CléMetric to Present Big Data Solutions to Improve Care and Resource Management at the TWDI Solution Summit in Savannah, GA

Gergens Polynice Conferences

CléMetric, a provider of advanced healthcare data analytics and visualization solutions, announced today it will present “Case Study – Healthcare Analytics: Big Data Solutions to Improve Care and Resource Management” at the TDWI Solution Summit in Savannah, GA, on March 15th, 2015.

The recent financial climate, regulatory requirements, and technology innovations have sparked a broad range of new challenges and opportunities for healthcare organizations to provide better care at lower costs. Healthcare organizations have a wealth of patient and resource data including patient visits, wait times, diagnoses, procedures, medication, labs, radiology and pathology imaging, sensor and device data, hospital supplies, staff schedules, and financial reimbursements. All this data is generated and stored across different databases and vendor systems, making it a challenge to harness the data to improve care and efficiencies. Adopting big data technologies to stream data in real time and to aggregate, analyze, and visualize information in a timely manner have become ever more significant.

We will present case studies from multiple organizations for real-time intensive care unit patient monitoring to detect and predict adverse events, rank high-risk patients for readmissions, and reducing patient wait times in emergency departments by estimating the patient flow and staffing needs days in advance. We will discuss how technologies such as Hadoop, stream computing, and predictive analytics applications with machine learning algorithms can be adopted and deployed to improve healthcare operations, along with some of the challenges involved.

Sharath Cholleti, CTO of CléMetric Healthcare Data Analytics, will lead the presentation.