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The CléMetric suite of applications are designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate data from disparate sources to present relevant information and to drive situational awareness. CléMetric software combines the power of AI and ML for streaming data to explore and reveal actionable and predictive insights to users.

Data2iQ Cloud

Experience Data2iQ’s automated machine learning platform from the cloud with all the agility, ease, and compliance you need.

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Transforming your organization with AI and auto-ML

Data2iQ is an AI and automated machine learning platform capable of ingesting streaming data from disparate sources to support your enterprise AI-driven initiatives. The four pillars of the Data2iQ platform include:

Streaming data

Connecting with virtually any data source whether structured, unstructured or streaming, and integrate with Data2iQ’s AI and ML engine.

Intelligent bots

Acquiring relevant information through automated processes, reasoning, self-correction, and rules for using the information and for reaching conclusions

AutoML Engine

Utilizing AutoML to generate a data analysis pipeline that include pre-processing and feature selection with model formulation that optimizes result.

Visual Discovery

Displaying trends, trajectory and insightful results from the analysis of a multitude data points from large volume and high velocity of data.

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Healthcare Data Analytics

Real-time patient situational awareness to enhance decision-making.