Streams, converges, manages, and integrates patient health information into a single analytics and cognitive platform to support providers in obtaining a multi-faceted view of patient’s health.

Q2Care™ AI

Anti-Infection Analytics

Uncovers patients warning signs for detecting systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), sepsis, septic shock, and ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).

Q2Care™ RA

Patient Risk Assessments

Uses an evidence-informed framework for clinicians, researchers, and health administrators to assess health risks and determine follow-up activities.



30-Day Readmissions Prediction

Reduces federal fines that penalize for patients discharged too early, foster better discharge planning and follow-up care, and determine the likelihood of unplanned 30-day readmission per patient.


Alarm Management

Addresses nuisance alarms by filtering out the noise from active patient data and discovering the alarms that matter for patient care. Integrated dashboards to facilitate collaboration among providers and to provide patient-specific intelligence.


Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Provides an integrated platform and a hybrid analytic approach to predict and learn from large volume of active patient data.



Database & Data Management

Advanced data management technology with in-memory and in-database analytics to deliver a scalable, high-performance analytics platform that is designed to handle large volume of data.


Visual Discovery

Visual Analytics to help clinicians rapidly uncover key medical insights across growing volumes of patient data. Deliver results of active and retrospective analyses to desktop and mobile devices.


Cohorts and Historical Analytics

Offers a comprehensive and relatively quick-to-deploy solutions that are ideal for clinicians and researchers in need of real-time advanced streaming analytics to shorten research project lead time.