Empowering Healthcare Professionals with Actionable Analytics

Situational awareness to enhance decision-making and timely interventions

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The CleMetric suite of applications are designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate data from disparate sources to present relevant information and to drive situational awareness, which result in better care at lower cost. The CleMetric software combines the power of big data, data management, stream and cognitive computing, advanced analytics, and visualization tools to explore and reveal active insights.

Reveal Trends and Hidden Patterns from Health Data

Use actionable and evidence-based information to support faster decisions.

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Present Relevent Information

Accessing physiologic, financial, and electronic health record (EHR) to present relevant, timely and actionable information to providers and payers for care improvement.

Determine Patient Trajectory

Organizing multitude data points from large volume and high velocity of data to help determine the patient’s trajectory toward improvement of quality of care.

Achieve Situational Awereness

Analyzing public health data with patien-specific data to reveal trends and hidden patterns to support faster decisions that improve effectiveness, efficiency, patient safety, and outcomes.

Active Situational Awareness for Payers and Providers

Present relevant information to drive better care at lower cost.

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Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Analyzing key social factors with patient electronic health records, including diagnosis, procedures, lab results, and medications.

Improve Patient Compliance

Coupling robust predictive readmission analytics tools with post-discharge patient management to identify high intensity interventions.

Identify & Close Gaps

Performing historical analyses on cohorts of patients to identify & close gaps in care, which leads to achieve higher quality ratings.

Healthcare Operational Improvement

Focus on patient and staffing data to improve operational quality

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Healthcare operational management and patient care are two sides of the same coins. The success of one highly depends on the other, in order to achieve overall quality improvement . CléMetric uses actionable data, such as weather patterns, current events, staffing schedule, and predictive analytics to deliver an integrated care application that improves preparedness and outcomes.

Clinical Research From Streaming Data

Amplify clinical research by leveraging machine learning and deep learning features with near real-time data.

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We thrive on the opportunity to provide software that solves the most difficult problems in managing patient care. We draw together deep technical and functional experience to achieve success.


CleMetric focuses on providing advanced data analytics software for healthcare. With Big Data technologies, we seamlessly integrate functional and technical solutions to achieve successful outcomes.


Our professionals draw upon years of industry experience and broad academic acumen to provide advanced solutions that lead to saving time and lowering costs.




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Real-time patient situational awareness to enhance decision-making.